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How To Recover From A Health Code Violation In Your Restaurant

Bouncing back - often, this means reopening for business - after a health code violation is one of the hardest situations a restaurant owner will ever have to face.  Undergoing a violation of this kind can be an owner’s worst nightmare. However, if you follow a half dozen or so simple procedures, methods that have stood the test of time, a restaurant can fully recover [...]

Why Hire Professionals to Clean Your Medical Office?

Medical establishments, including offices, x-ray centers, examination rooms, restrooms, and all spaces where patients tread - have a huge obligation, not to mention a legal responsibility, to provide their patients with the most sanitary conditions possible.  Therefore, it is important to make sure that the company cleaning your medical office is giving your facility the best clean, one that goes deeper than just the surface. [...]

Reduce Workplace Absences With A Sanitary Environment

Influenza is probably the one term that strikes the most fear in managers of various work places, including office settings, all around the country.  To limit the flu “bug” from spreading employees need to work together, with great communication, to all accept their role in cleaning up their environment. Yet the flu is only one of the maladies a company’s leadership must consider. According to [...]

The Dirty Secret of Office Space Carpets

Carpet can be a great choice in flooring. In areas where people will be commonly working or standing, carpet absorbs some f the impact while walking and is more comfortable to stand on than tile. It also absorbs sound, so you can hear yourself think and can easily tune out your cubicle mate’s incessant humming. It’s also fairly difficult to slip and fall on carpet; [...]

5 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Commercial Cleaning Services

As a business owner, tasks such as vacuuming, mopping the floors, or cleaning the bathrooms may slip your notice – you have more important things to take care of. Juggling the everyday needs of running a business such as monitoring employee activities and maintaining production, it can be easy for cleaning tasks to be missed. That’s why it is important to hire a commercial cleaning [...]

Why Microfiber Is Better For Cleaning

Cleaning Consultants of America is dedicated to achieving the ultimate clean for each of our commercial clients and we do this by using microfiber cleaning towels and mops. Using microfiber over cotton, or other fibers, is the best way to sanitize while getting a deep clean. You may be thinking, but a cleaning rag is a cleaning rag, right? Wrong. Not all rags are made [...]

The 10 Worst Germ Hot Spots

Having a clean office or school can help to reduce employee and student absences. However, a routine cleaning may not be all you need to ensure that those who visit your facility don’t wind up sick. There are certain areas in the building that are considered to be germ hot spots and they can easily be missed or not thoroughly cleaned. The cleaning crews employed [...]

The Importance Of Professional Cleaning After Construction

Construction crews and workmen may be good at their job, but they aren’t always that good at cleaning up after themselves once the job is complete. Dirt, dust, and small construction debris may be left inside and out of your business. But you aren’t paying them to clean your company, you’re paying them to remodel the floor you are adding or customizing your office space [...]

Is There A Correlation Between A Clean School And Better Test Results?

“A clean home is a happy home” - what about a clean school? What type of benefits does a clean school environment provide the the hundreds of children who walk through their doors every day? Having a clean school provides more than just a healthier environment, it can also promote educational success. According to the International Sanitary Supply Association: Children in grades K through 5 [...]

Dirty Facilities Are Bad For Business

Ever been on a road trip and needed to make a pit stop, only to keep going for a few more miles because the gas station. restaurant, or convenience store looked worn down, dirty, and maybe even “sketchy”? This is actually very common; the appearance of a facility can either attract or scare away potential customers. Cleaning has a psychological effect on people. When a [...]

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