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Prevent Workplace Illness And Increase Productivity

It happens all the time – we wake up with a cough or cold and immediately begin to think of everyone at work who may have gotten us sick. For most of us, we spend at least a quarter of our time at work, and for some of us it is even more time than that! With so much time being spent in the office [...]

Why You Should Consider Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning For Your Busniess

Although your company may have chosen to go with hard surface flooring to avoid special maintenance, it is still important to properly care for your hard surface flooring. Tile, vinyl, concrete, and even hardwood floors are less likely to retain dirt, debris, pollen, and other allergens that are trafficked into your office than carpet does – but that doesn’t mean they don’t ever need a [...]

Secure Bank And Financial Facility Cleaning

Certain industries may have a harder time finding a trustworthy and reliable professional cleaning company. The financial industry – banks, credit unions, loan centers, or other financial service offices – have to consider the security of their premises when hiring a commercial janitorial or day porter company. Bank Cleaning Service Security Risks Financial institutions have more than just their dedicated customers to answer to – [...]

How A Day Porter Program Can Improve Your Building’s Services

Most businesses use a janitorial service to come in to their building in the evenings after everyone has left for the day and clean the days messes away. While janitorial services do provide immense value to our businesses, there is a lot of time that goes by and mess that builds up between cleanings, especially if they are scheduled to only come a couple times [...]

Tips For Hiring A Professional Cleaning Company

Let's face it. Cleaning can be a daunting task after spending a full day of working. That's where our professional cleaning company comes in! It's what we do for a living and it's what we do best! Commercial cleaning for your business is essential to maintaining a comfortable and functioning workplace. Hiring the best commercial cleaners for your business benefits your company’s productivity. By ensuring [...]

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Business

Spring is here, and summer is coming –  which means its time to make sure your business is presentable for an influx of traffic from tourist and vacationers. Hiring a professional cleaning company has many benefits including increasing workplace productivity, boosting employee morale, maintaining a professional look, and customer retention and attraction. Here are 5 areas you should pay special attention to: Carpets Carpeted floors [...]

Cleaning A Medical Facility With Guidelines From The CDC

Medical facilities require extra care and handling when it comes to their professional cleaning services. In addition to the need to meet OSHA standards and HIPPA requirements, medical facilities must ensure that the commercial cleaning company they hire can also meet the standards and regulations recommended by the CDC to ensure that the facility maintains a low risk of spreading or exposing patients and healthcare [...]

5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Facility

You can find a myriad of reasons an office manager or restaurant owner should undertake some “Spring cleaning” of all spaces and places within their place of business.  There are health reasons, such as the prevention of virus’ spreading, as well as marketing reasons -for instance, you want customers to remember your establishment in a good way.  Or, you may just want your place to [...]

Benefits Of Commercial Carpet Cleaning For Your Office

Carpeting is commonly found in a multitude of business settings, and it can add to (or take away from) the aesthetic value and perception of your company. Clean and well-maintained carpeting can have a positive effect on the opinions of your employees, customers, investors, or prospective clients. Dirty, worn-out carpeting on the other hand can have quite the negative effect on how these groups may [...]

How A Clean Work Place Makes For A Productive Workplace

Most citizens of the U.S. spend more of their awake time at work than they do participating in any other activity of life. Because the need to be productive at our jobs is so profound, especially now, our work stations or offices should be well organized and neat.  Efficiency is the overall goal, it needs to be one of our highest priorities. When desks and [...]

Cleaning Tips For The Food and Beverage Industry

Some businesses are primed, by nature, to benefit from a cleaner work space. Restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and other food and beverage-related businesses are such places. The reason is obvious, these types of businesses are in the service industry.  Their cash intake depends on customers who like the service and the environment enough to come back, repeatedly. It is important for a cleaning company to [...]

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