Universities and School Cleaning

Universities and School Cleaning 2017-12-25T17:47:01+00:00

Students and staff will appreciate arriving to a clean environment everyday, and did you know that a clean environment has been linked to more productivity and better test results? It’s true, check out our article in our knowledge center. Clean schools also mean that there is a lower risk of students and faculty from spreading (or catching) germs and missing days of learning.

Don’t leave your students and faculty at risk for colds and diseases when the problem can easily be solved with the aid of CCA’s cleaning crew. Our services include more than just taking out the trash and wiping down surfaces. Our goal is to ensure that every client location that we clean, looks, feels, and is clean. Our cleaning crews will:

  • Empty waste bins and replace the lining, pick up trash, dust, clean white boards, and sanitize surfaces such as student and teacher desks, keyboards, and computer monitors
  • Clean floors which includes sweeping, mopping, tile and grout cleaning, buffing, stripping, and waxing, carpet cleaning, rug and mat cleaning
  • Remove marks from walls and other surfaces if possible
  • Deep clean and sanitation of the cafeteria kitchen
  • Restroom cleaning and sanitization
  • Staff room and office cleaning
  • Window washing and glass cleaning
  • And more!