The Importance Of Professional Cleaning After Construction

Construction crews and workmen may be good at their job, but they aren’t always that good at cleaning up after themselves once the job is complete. Dirt, dust, and small construction debris may be left inside and out of your business. But you aren’t paying them to clean your company, you’re paying them to remodel the floor you are adding or customizing your office space for your needs.

Don’t add more stress to your life or leave a hazardous workplace, hire a cleaning crew (you can even do it in advance!) to come in after the construction is complete to give the finishing touches on your company’s new look. That way, you can get back to business as soon as possible.

Our cleaning technicians focus on three areas of post-construction clean up:

  1. Trash and Construction Debris Pick Up: Remodeling (and even new builds) require a lot of materials and sometimes those materials came in packages or need to be trimmed down to size. This means trash and leftover materials may be left strewn about your property. Most construction companies attempt a quick clean up of their workspace but they don’t perform adequate cleaning. Our cleaning experts will remove all trash and debris left behind during your remodeling project or new build.
  2. Exterior Post-Construction Clean Up: The exterior of your building is the first thing customers see. Our cleaning crews work hard to clean walkways, patios, and entry ways by sweeping, power washing, and giving a good scrub to outdoor fixtures and furniture.
  3. Interior Post-Construction Clean Up: What’s on the inside matters most! Once all construction equipment, materials, and the leftover mess is cleared away, our cleaning crews get to the deep cleaning your business needs post-construction. We wipe down walls, all surfaces, and the furniture to remove the lawyers of construction dust. Then we move on to power cleaning the floors. Carpeted areas are vacuumed and shampooed while hard floors are swept and mopped for the ultimate clean. While we are there you can also have us clean other areas unaffected by the construction to give your whole office a fresh, clean look.

Benefits of post-construction clean up are endless!

  • An immediately clean workplace after all the construction is done!
  • Fewer delays in reopening!
  • Reduced hazards on your business premises!
  • Provides a workplace your employees can be proud of!
  • A clean work environment encourages better productivity!
  • Showcase the new work by ensuring its not covered in construction dust!

The Cleaning Consultants of America are experts in construction clean up, schedule your post-construction clean up today!