Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Business

Spring is here, and summer is coming –  which means its time to make sure your business is presentable for an influx of traffic from tourist and vacationers. Hiring a professional cleaning company has many benefits including increasing workplace productivity, boosting employee morale, maintaining a professional look, and customer retention and attraction.

Here are 5 areas you should pay special attention to:

  1. Carpets

Carpeted floors trap everything – dirt, food, drink, pollen, and other mystery stains. A shabby carpeted area can cause numerous issues, the first being the visual effect it has on others. Schedule your carpets a thorough deep cleaning to remove the build-up of grim

  1. Dusting

No one likes dusting. No one, that is, except for us – it’s our passion! We know what areas accumulate dust easily and what areas are commonly neglected, so you can be sure your office really is as clean as it looks.

  1. Employee Work Areas

Even if your employees routinely care for their own work area, it is still important to schedule a professional cleaning. We’ll bust out the elbow grease and get into the hard to reach spaces that many employees may overlook.

  1. Windows

Eyes may be the window into the soul, but a building’s window speaks to the heart of the company. A well-maintained building speaks volumes to potential customers and can brighten up the room, affecting your employees’ moods and job satisfaction.

  1. Supply Closet

You (likely) won’t need professional help for this one, but it will help in the long run to have a heavily organized supply closest. Not only will it help you monitor which supplies are low, but it will help employees find the tools they need to clean their office space or clean up a spill.