Secure Bank And Financial Facility Cleaning

Certain industries may have a harder time finding a trustworthy and reliable professional cleaning company. The financial industry – banks, credit unions, loan centers, or other financial service offices – have to consider the security of their premises when hiring a commercial janitorial or day porter company.

Bank Cleaning Service Security Risks

Financial institutions have more than just their dedicated customers to answer to – there are also numerous government agencies such as the FDIC, OCC, FFIEC, and the CFPB that regulate security measures and laws that must be considered. Currently federal and state laws hold financial institutions responsible for the actions and safety protocols held by their third-party contractors and vendors, including the cleaning company they hire, at the same level of regular staff members. That means as a financial institution, you have to take special consideration such as:

  • What can be cleaned by a third-party janitorial company and what must only be cleaned by in-house staff.
  • A general risk assessment of points of weakness or access that a third-party vendor could gain advantage over.
  • Access to any sensitive material – financial, personal, or otherwise.

When considering hiring a new professional cleaning company for your bank or other financial institution, here are a few additional aspects to consider during the vetting process:

  • The company’s reputation among similar businesses within your industry
  • Types of individuals hired: Are they thoroughly vetted? Full background check?
  • Do they current have security protocols in place?
  • Are they willing to accommodate stricter or specific regulations for your facility, including regulating site access, monitoring of cleaning staff, communication procedures, and tracking of work performed by individual cleaning employees?

Why Cleaning Consultants of America?

If you are looking for a profession and skilled cleaning service for your financial institution, look no further than the Cleaning Consultants of America. Our company’s mission is to provide customized, industry-tailored cleaning experience for each of our clients.

  • Each of our hired staff members undergoes a methodical background check and drug testing.
  • In addition, our company is certified, bonded, and insured.
  • We continuously monitor our training and procedures to ensure that they are up to industry standards.
  • Our staff traditionally wears a recognizable uniform with ID tags prominently displayed.