Dirty Facilities Are Bad For Business

Ever been on a road trip and needed to make a pit stop, only to keep going for a few more miles because the gas station. restaurant, or convenience store looked worn down, dirty, and maybe even “sketchy”? This is actually very common; the appearance of a facility can either attract or scare away potential customers.

Cleaning has a psychological effect on people. When a place is clean, it is also thought to be germ-free and a safe environment. People feel happier, more relaxed or calmer (less anxiety), and more willing to spend their time (and money) there. However, when a place is dingy, dirty, and shows clear signs of not having been cleaned in awhile (trash on the floor, sticky or dusty surfaces), it has the opposite effect on a person’s psychology. The dirty environment can increase a person’s anxiety, they rush or hurry to complete their current business and leave, and portrays a poor image on the business overall in the customer’s mind.

A negative experience is more likely to be shared than a positive one. These days, people are more likely to complain about a wrong against them than they are to openly offer praise. This doesn’t mean that good things aren’t happening in the world,its that good experiences are expected and “normal”. “Normal” doesn’t garner attention and tends to go unrecognized. People want to get justice for a bad experience especially when it should have been a positive one. A dirty bathroom or overall dirty facilities pave the way for a bad experience and any little misstep builds upon the bad experience – and you can bet others will hear about it.

How To Avoid A Dirty Facility

Proper care and maintenance of your facility is important not only for the sake of upkeep of the premises but also for the sake of your customers.

  • Deep Clean: Hire CCA for an in depth facility cleaning. We will cleaning your place of business from the top down and inform you of any areas of concern that can not be cleaned away. A deep clean will help to remove layers of dirt, dust, and grime that have accumulated over the years.
  • Routine Clean: Schedule daily or weekly cleanings to ensure that your facility is properly cared for. Trash removal, floor scrubbing, and surface sanitation are some of the major tasks our cleaning crews tackle. We also disinfect germ hot spots that are commonly missed by other cleaners. Areas like sink faucets, welcome mats, and dish dispensers see a lot of attention everyday and need additional care during routine cleaning.
  • Spot Clean: We offer day porter services or enlist your employees to spot clean the facility as the day goes by. This includes trash pick up, emptying of trash bins, restroom restocking and maintenance, and window cleaning are some of the many tasks that CCA day porters handle.