Prevent Workplace Illness And Increase Productivity

It happens all the time – we wake up with a cough or cold and immediately begin to think of everyone at work who may have gotten us sick. For most of us, we spend at least a quarter of our time at work, and for some of us it is even more time than that! With so much time being spent in the office it is important to make sure your office is properly cleaned and sanitized to maintain the health and wellness of your employees. And when you have healthier employees, you will also see an increase in the productivity of those employees.


Cross-contamination is the reason that when one person in the office gets sick, many others do as well. Put simply, cross-contamination is the spreading of germs and bacteria from one person to another. With so many interactions taking place throughout the office each day, there are many different ways cross-contamination can occur in the workplace. Germs and bacteria can be spread through sharing food, touching surfaces and equipment, and having interpersonal interactions amongst employees. You don’t even have to come into direct contact with a person who is infected for cross-contamination to occur – you could simply touch a surface that germs and bacteria landed on from a cough or sneeze or even come into contact by sharing the same documents. The most common sources of cross-contamination include items such as computers, keyboards, desks, filing cabinets, phones, and printers.

The lifespan of viruses on surfaces can range between 24 hours up to 7 days! This is why having a routine professional cleaning service is so important to make sure that your surfaces not only look clean but are actually clean and well sanitized – which will reduce the amount of cross-contamination that occurs in the office and lead to healthier, happier, and more productive employees at work.


Another major problem leading to illness in the workplace is poor indoor air quality. When office spaces are not cleaned by a professional cleaning service, lack of consistent cleaning and improper cleaning can lead to even poorer air quality than what already exists. However, with the proper professional cleaning and sanitizing, the quality of your office’s air will actually improve. With poor indoor air quality leading to 50% of illnesses, proper professional cleaning services will surely improve the overall health of your employees.


While cleaning may seem like a simple task that can be completed by anyone, the proper cleaning and sanitization of an office space requires the use of special professional cleaning tools and supplies. It will be important for the tools and supplies being used to be able to effectively clean and sanitize while minimizing the risk of harm to employees while in the office – a task that standard cleaning tools and supplies cannot achieve. It will also be important for your office’s cleaning team to be using tools that will go beyond simply disinfecting surfaces and will truly sanitize those surfaces. Finally, it is important that the chemicals being used will not be harmful to any present employees and will not damage any office surfaces such as fabric on furniture or wood floors.


When your workplace is not properly cleaned and sanitized, your employees will continue to get ill and pass their illness on to co-workers through cross-contamination. As the number of sick days taken increases, the number of available employees declines, and the workload of the available employees increases, adding more stress to the available employees which can also lead to illness and additional sick days taken. The cycle never ends. This will cause for there to be a decrease in overall production as well as a loss of profits. It is estimated that this loss adds up to about $60 billion to businesses each year! The only way to stop this vicious cycle and return your production and profits to where they should be is to hire a professional cleaning service that can properly clean and sanitize your office.

Contact us today to discuss our customizable commercial cleaning services available for your business and help your employees maximize their health and in turn maximize your profits! Our team specializes in commercial cleaning only – so we have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your workplace is properly cleaned and sanitized!