Why Microfiber Is Better For Cleaning

Cleaning Consultants of America is dedicated to achieving the ultimate clean for each of our commercial clients and we do this by using microfiber cleaning towels and mops. Using microfiber over cotton, or other fibers, is the best way to sanitize while getting a deep clean. You may be thinking, but a cleaning rag is a cleaning rag, right? Wrong. Not all rags are made equally, and those made of microfiber are better at getting the job done.

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is a hundred times thinner than a human hair. These superfine fibers are woven together and commonly used to make cleaning towels and mops. The design process creates a super soft, yet absorbent and durable, cleaning product that lifts dirt and germs away from the surface it is cleaning; unlike cotton cleaning cloths, which actually just push the germs and dirt around while absorbing the cleaning solution.

The manufacturing process of making microfiber produces a positively charged fabric. Dust and dirt are considered to be negatively charged, so when cleaning with a microfiber cloth, you will attract more dirt and dust – and it will stay on the cloth!

Another perk of using microfiber over cotton is that microfiber cloths require less water and cleaning solution to clean the same area than cotton does. The small microfibers can get into pores and crevices better than cotton fabrics, providing a deeper clean every time.

Microfiber cloths have about 100 times the surface area than other cloths and can hold 7 to 8 times their weight in water! Furthermore, cotton only absorbs about 70% of moisture whereas microfiber absorbs about 98%, and bacteria doesn’t absorb into the microfiber material like it does in cotton.

Lastly, microfiber cloths have a longer lifespan than traditional fabrics. They don’t wear out as fast and can be laundered hundreds of times, far more times than other fabrics.