How A Day Porter Program Can Improve Your Building’s Services

Most businesses use a janitorial service to come in to their building in the evenings after everyone has left for the day and clean the days messes away. While janitorial services do provide immense value to our businesses, there is a lot of time that goes by and mess that builds up between cleanings, especially if they are scheduled to only come a couple times each week or month.

Imagine how your office looks the first time you walk in each morning, after the counters have been cleaned, the floors have been vacuumed and mopped, the trash cans have all been emptied, the windows have been cleaned, the bathrooms have been restocked and cleaned. Now imagine being able to keep that same fresh and clean look throughout the office all day, every day. Busy facilities and busy facility managers need a day porter program to help completely transform the building’s daily maintenance!


So, what is a day porter and what exactly do they do? A day porter is able to provide such a wide variety of services that the answer to this question really depends on what is important to you, your company, and your facility. You are able to customize your own day porter program to meet the specific needs of your company and your facility, however most day porter programs do include some basic services in all programs. A day porter does more than simply clean your facility. A day porter should add significant value to your company and your facility by being available to proactively get things done as well as to respond to additional task requests throughout the day.

Basic services your day porter program could include are:

  • Keeping lobbies clean
  • Keeping common areas clean
  • Keeping restrooms clean
  • Keeping kitchens, cafeterias, and break rooms clean
  • Cleaning private offices and cleaning and preparing conference rooms before and after meetings
  • Cleaning and disinfecting high traffic areas to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease
  • Restocking supplies
  • Attending to minor maintenance issues or communicating larger maintenance concerns to your building services contractor
  • Detail clean when there are important visitors in your office
  • Quickly responding to spills, leaks, hazards, and other cleaning emergencies
  • Continuous touch ups where needed
  • Litter removal in and around your facility


Your day porter should be flexible and able to accommodate many different tasks to help you keep your facility clean and your company running efficiently. However, because a day porter is able to add so much value to your company, it will be important for you to make sure the specific requests being asked of your day porter are a priority to your and your company and make sure they are not being overwhelmed with requests from others in your company.

The number of duties a day porter program can provide for your facility can add up quickly, so it is best to know what your priorities are for your facility!

You can use the above list of basic day porter services that can be offered to think about the duties you would like to have built into your customized day porter program. Then make any adjustments for any specialty services your day porter can assist your company with. Make sure their duties are aligned with the amount of time they will be spending at your facility each day to allow sufficient time for all tasks to be completed.

Contact us today to discuss specific services you would like to be built in to your day porter program service!


The best janitorial companies will have day porter programs available to you through their services. The day porter’s position is to maintain your office in-between your regularly scheduled janitorial services to keep your office looking it’s best and running at it’s top productivity at all times. The janitorial service then can come in during their regularly scheduled times to complete the deeper and more detailed cleaning your facilities need.


Because a day porter’s duties and responsibilities can be so varied it is a very highly specialized position that requires a special individual to fill the role properly. Day porter services should be performed discreetly and unobtrusively so as to allow your business to carry on it’s normal business functions without distraction or interruption. A successful day porter will be someone who enjoys variety in their daily duties, is flexible, is able to take instruction well, is dependable, is able to prioritize their own work, is self-motivated, is competent, has a positive attitude, and is eager to help. As with any other portion of your business finding the right person to fill the role of the day porter position is key to the quality of service you will receive.