Hospitality Industry Cleaning Services

Hospitality Industry Cleaning Services 2017-12-25T17:44:01+00:00

From restaurant & bars, to theaters and more, we are capable of servicing a multitude of entertainment & hospitality venues to improve the positive experience for customers.

  • Restaurants

Restaurants require special care to ensure that they are up to health code standards. Our staff is capable of handling any kitchen mess including commercial oven cleaning, kitchen exhaust and hood cleaning, kitchen equipment cleaning and sanitation, and more. In addition to kitchen cleaning, our cleaning crews can also handle the public side of your restaurant.

  • Nightclubs

Nightclubs may be more popular when it’s dark but that doesn’t mean you should skimp on cleaning services. Don’t scare off customers with dirty lounge chairs and sticky floors, our cleaning crew can provide floor cleaning surfaces plus steam clean lounge chairs and other furniture, deep clean the bar and kitchen area (if you have one). No need to hire multiple cleaning companies – ours can do it all.

  • Movie Theaters

Somehow, popcorn and soda is always spilled during the movies. Over time, even when employees perform spot cleanings between showings, theaters can wear down. CCA can help bring your theater back to looking new again. We also proved daily porter services so that your employees can focus on your guests.

  • Theme Parks

Keeping a theme park clean requires a lot of work and an even larger amount of staff. Luckily, CCA can provide both. Our cleaning crews can help keep the maintenance at your park up to speed with little interruption to your guests. Emptying trash bins, picking up litter, and keeping the bathrooms in pristine condition are just some of the services our company can offer yours.