The Dirty Secret of Office Space Carpets

Carpet can be a great choice in flooring. In areas where people will be commonly working or standing, carpet absorbs some f the impact while walking and is more comfortable to stand on than tile. It also absorbs sound, so you can hear yourself think and can easily tune out your cubicle mate’s incessant humming. It’s also fairly difficult to slip and fall on carpet; the benefits are endless, except that carpets require a bit more care.

There are several downsides to carpet to be aware of so that you have the right type of cleaning service to properly care for your carpet.

Dirt, Sand, and Outdoor Debris

These things are mostly tracked in from foot traffic, although a small fraction may blow in through an open door. Heavy amounts of dirt and other particles can cause a severe dust problem, adding to an already dirty issue. Reports show that a home can collect up to 40 pounds of dirt – that’s a single family and the occasional guest tracking in forty pounds of dirt. Imagine how much dirt is tracked into your office! Vacuuming helps, removing up to 85% of what is tracked in, but additional, professional services can do much more for your business to remove the cumulation of dirt, sand, debris, and dust from your office carpet and rugs.

Food and Drink Spills

As beneficial as carpet is, it can be harder to clean than tile after a spill or dropped food. Vacuuming won’t get these stains out, so consider regular carpet cleanings when scheduling an appointment with your commercial cleaning company. Without regular cleanings, the carpet in your office will begin to look very worn down and may become sticky – both are factors that can leave a bad impression on a client or customer.


As dirt and other particles are carried into your place of work and food or drink is spilled on the floor, is can accumulate into a very messy, and germy disaster. Over time, the mess that is not properly cleaned from your carpets is left to fester; bacteria multiples causing smells to form and health concerns for your employees or guests.  

Ensure that your commercial cleaning company provides your business with regular carpet cleanings. If not, it’s time to call the Cleaning Company of America to get the clean your company deserves. We leave your business with a clean that looks, feels, and is clean.