Construction Clean Up Services

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You may be excited that your building or office’s construction and remodeling is finally coming to an end, and you cannot wait to move back in and get back to business. But before you do, have you had it professionally cleaned first? Many business and property owners do not realize the importance or the necessity of post-construction clean-up. Just because you hired a mindful contractor who cleans up their tools and materials, does not mean that the area is actually clean.

Post-construction clean-up provides a deep clean of surfaces, glass, and floors to remove the not-so-noticeable construction debris, including dust, dirt, drywall dust, sawdust, and other grim that is tracked in or left behind by construction crews.

Prepare your place of business to be truly move in or production ready by hiring the cleaning technicians at Cleaning Consultants of America. We clean all areas of your business during a post-construction clean from top to bottom:

  • Janitorial Cleaning – We’ll pick up and remove construction debris or any trash left behind by the construction crew
  • Ceiling Tiles, Vent Covers, And Exposed Pipes – You’d be surprised at how much sawdust or drywall dust can collect up here and go unnoticed. Cleaning around the ventilation is especially important to avoid respiratory problems caused by inhaling these harmful particles.
  • Light Fixtures and Fans – Dust build up on these surfaces can reduce their efficiency. We fully dust and wipe down all surfaces.
  • Inside Cabinets and Desks – Another area where construction dust accumulates, and where few think to look when cleaning up.
  • Furniture and Frames – From coffee tables to desks and bookshelves down to every last piece of décor, we will rid your place of business of any signs of construction work.
  • Baseboards and Doorways – We pay attention to the little details to provide your business that extra bit of shine!
  • Surface Cleaning – All surface types are capable of trapping dust and dirt that’s why all surfaces are wiped cleaned, even the walls!
  • Window and Glass Cleaning – We help you to prevent filmy windows and keep interior glass spotless.
  • Stairways and Elevators – If your business has it, we’ll clean it!
  • Bathrooms – Surprisingly, one of the most important places of a business. A dirty bathroom can drive away customers or lower employee morale.
  • Floor Cleaning – Last but definitely not least, floors are deep cleaned to not only remove construction debris but also particles tracked in through regular traffic. Includes vacuuming, mopping, tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, rug and mat cleaning.

Post-construction clean-up removes harmful dust and particles while providing a clean, fresh smelling environment for your employees and clients to enjoy.  We ensure that the new look isn’t overshadowed by a mess.