Cleaning Tips For The Food and Beverage Industry

Some businesses are primed, by nature, to benefit from a cleaner work space. Restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and other food and beverage-related businesses are such places. The reason is obvious, these types of businesses are in the service industry.  Their cash intake depends on customers who like the service and the environment enough to come back, repeatedly.

It is important for a cleaning company to pay attention to details and recognize safe and sanitary practices during their cleaning routine of these types of businesses. Not just because a restaurant’s cleaning company can greatly affect the perception of the restaurant’s environment and customer retention, but because of state regulations for businesses that prepare and serve food.

Between professional cleanings, you should also hold your employees to a high standard of sanitation and cleaning practices. And yet just what can the average employee of a restaurant or corner shop do -through cleaning strategies – to increase customer traffic?  Here are a few thoughts on the subject, from our employees to yours:

  • Sinks, especially restroom sinks, should shine! They are one of the first things noticed in a restroom and customers are going to come out of a stall and immediately go to wash their hands. They’re going to look directly at the sink valves and basin, and they will take notice of grime build up. This can leave a lasting impression of your business in their minds. Dirty restrooms are one of the leading causes of failed customer retention.
  • Wipe the extension arms that connect the legs of all restaurant chairs. These support arms, usually made of wood, gather dust from the air. And can collect food pieces dropped by the children of patrons. A quick wipe with any cloth, although microfiber is best, will usually get the job done with minimal effort. Checking for such a small detail can go a long way. Imagine the thoughts running through your customer’s mind when they drop their phone and see that the base of their chair is filthy?
  • Watch the areas behind bar taps. Mold and dark seams can form from beer or other beverages that splash, then dry over time.  If your establishment has tile behind the bar, the grout between tiles can absorb beer stains as the evening goes on.  A simple scouring pad and some elbow grease can restore that grout to its original white appearance. A clean bar is more likely to be a busier bar.

These tips are for areas that get looked over much too often between professional cleanings and if your cleaning company isn’t bothering to address these issues then you should start looking for one that does. Taking the effort to ensure these areas of concern are taken care of can pay off. If other eateries, coffee shops, and bars are neglecting these particular aspects of cleaning, your business will stand to gain some competitive advantage over all those ‘dirtier’ establishments.