Benefits Of Commercial Carpet Cleaning For Your Office

Carpeting is commonly found in a multitude of business settings, and it can add to (or take away from) the aesthetic value and perception of your company. Clean and well-maintained carpeting can have a positive effect on the opinions of your employees, customers, investors, or prospective clients. Dirty, worn-out carpeting on the other hand can have quite the negative effect on how these groups may view your business. Hiring a commercial cleaning company or janitorial company to take care of your carpets and other areas of business upkeep can have other beneficial effects as well, including:

  • Increased Productivity. Studies have been conducted comparing the productivity of two work groups – one in a clean work environment and the other in a dirty and messy environment. The group in the clean environment outperformed the second group. When your employees are not distracted by their environment or at risk for injury or illness because of that environment, then they are better able to focus on their work and perform better.
  • Fewer Workplace Absences. Clean carpets mean fewer germs and allergens being tracked around the office – which means fewer employees calling out sick. When all of your employees are in the office, they are better equipped to handle their workload successfully
  • Poorly maintained carpets can wear through quickly, leading to tears or areas of breakdown. Sections of carpeting that is fraying or pulled up can become a trip hazard for your employees or any other third-party on your premises. Reduce your risk of liability by routinely having your office carpets cleaned and cared for by a professional. Safety from clean carpets also comes in the form of safety from bacteria and germs.
  • Improved Air Quality. A lot of things are tracked in from the outdoors and a good portion of it winds up packed into the carpet. Pollutants, bacteria, toxins, dirt, debris, etc. – it all winds up in the carpet, which can greatly affect the quality of air in the building. Air filters can only do so much with removing these things from your place of business. The only surefire way to reduce the pollutants in your office is to have your carpets professionally cleaned and sanitized. As an extra bonus, this benefit contributes to fewer workplace absences from illness which leads to better overall company productivity.


Something as simple as routine cleaning and maintenance of the floors in your office can have a very profound effect on productivity, client retention, and employee satisfaction. Trust in the Cleaning Consultants of America to take care of your business. When in our hands you can be rest assured that we provide a clean that not only looks clean but is clean.